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Holiday Done Right is all about travel stories that people want to share with us. We thrive on contributions!

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Following is a loose list of categories in which you can send us your contributions but is certainly not limited to these only. You may share vlogs, digital tools that helps you travel more efficiently, travel habits, how your dream vacation came to be, transport experiences, spiritual experiences, accommodation experiences, culinary experiences, cultural experiences, the people you met, the things you saw, something amazing that happened on that one trip, something horrible that happened on the other, must-see highlights or the treasures you found off the beaten path; the limit is your creativity.

Travel TipsWe travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls – Anais Nin. Not everyone is travel savvy instantly, it is something you learn from experience; after missed flights, wrong turns and cultural unawareness. Help others avoid the same travel mistakes by sharing tips you have learned from your trips.

Itinerary: A successful trip is the result of a well-planned itinerary. Help fellow travelers by sharing itineraries from your trip so that more people can have as memorable a trip as you did.

My First International Trip: We do a series of posts where people share their experiences the first time they went on an international trip. Since its a huge milestone and the turning point where the lust for travel starts, its always so special.

A Place in Pictures: This is the opportunity for all the travel photographers out there to share their experiences through photos. A well-captioned collection of photos from your favorite trip will make for a wonderful addition to our blog. The photos, of course, will be copyrighted (you are welcome to watermark them).



*Note on Author’s Bio: Please send a headshot and a 2-3 lines personal intro with your entries (unless you’re going anonymous). It may consist of your name, where you’re from, what you do and/or a short intro of your travel history. Your author’s bio can have your social media link and/or a link to your personal blog as well.