About HDR

Hello and welcome to Holiday Done Right. I’m so glad you are visiting!

What Is This Blog?

Simply put, Holiday Done Right (HDR) is an open platform for both amateur and hard-core travelers to share interesting and informative stories from their travel excursions. It’s a blog created by modern-day nomads for modern-day nomads to share their unique travel experiences and adventures with each other.

The world is a fascinating place; full of breathtaking sights, extraordinary people, delicious food, amazing experiences and wonderful opportunities. It asks to be explored, to get to know its hidden gems. It is our job to discover its beauty and explore it as much as we can, take in every bit of it; while immersing ourselves in all the so many colors, tastes and riches it has to offer. The aim of this blog is to create a global community where travelers enrich each others’ travel experiences through sharing.

More often than not, the best souvenirs one can bring home from his/her travels are the stories. These stories are a way for others to relive that same adventure and for the traveler to make them eternal!

There was a time when traveling was a big deal, an activity limited to the rich, the businessmen or the most nomadic souls. But with the advent of globalization, the world has become one big happy family. Now traveling is a luxury accessible to anyone who has a desire for it and all the more reasons for the need of such a platform to exist.

How It All Came to Be

So, I have traveled only a handful of countries so far and even with this little experience I have a whole lot of stories and information on places I have visited that I thought I would love to share through a blog. But then it made me thinking there are so many other, much better traveled people out there; each with their own opinions on a certain place and their own interesting stories and who don’t necessarily have the time or the strength to create a blog of their own and pen their stories regularly. Why not give such people a platform to voice their stories and imagine how it will benefit other travel enthusiasts! And that is how I decided I need to create a platform where I bring together all such people to share their stories and experiences, however diverse, and I share mine just as another contributor.

Not Just Another Travel Blog!

The amazing thing about HDR is that it is not about just one person sharing their travel experiences through a blog. It is a place where all kinds of travelers contribute to make it one big, giant hub of everything related to traveling.

Every story sent to us is carefully curated before it is posted on the blog so that our readers get the most helpful travel insights, tips and information and the most fabulous stories of personal experiences.

Anyone can Become a Part of HDR

It doesn’t matter if you have visited only a handful of places or has adopted traveling as a full-time hobby/profession, any and all are welcome to be a part of this community. Head on over to the contributions page to find out more.


You are welcome to reach out to us for questions, queries or collaborations. Just drop a line at holidaydoneright@gmail.com and we’ll get right back to you.

Till death do we travel!

Yours truly,

Founder HDR