Donga Gali Pipeline Track

We, at The Local Wanderer, did the Donga Gali pipeline track this June and it was an amazing experience.

Donga Gali pipeline track follows the pipeline from Donga Gali to Ayubia with a distance of 4 kilometers, having altitude around 8,200 ft.

It is one of the easiest and most accessible treks in Galiyat region which could be great for beginners. This place presents a different picture in every season. Sunshine, Fog, Rain, Hailstorm, Dark clouds and SNOW flakes (Yes, snowflakes in one of the hottest months of the year – June)We experienced it all on this magical trek.


Ideal for family & friends who want to pace together.

The most commonly seen birds are the Yellow Beaked Magpie, Red Blood and Yellow Body Finches, White Cheek or Crested Grey Finch and many other birds.

Did you know?
During British rule Dunga Gali hill station served as a sanatorium and contained a hotel, post office and a small church. The area was visited by Europeans during summer also.

Donga Gali

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